We engineer innovative solutions to
reduce environmental and in-plant noise.

We Provide Turnkey Solutions to Your Problems. Guaranteed.

What We Do

  • Acoustic Consulting
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Install
  • Testing

How We Do It

  • Acoustic Consulting
  • Product Fabrication & Quality Control
  • Support
  • Problem Analysis. Solution Design.
  • Construction & Installation

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By NVC-O’s acoustical engineers who not only have specialized knowledge as Consultants, but also have expertise in the design and application of practical, cost effective noise control solutions.


  • Noise predictions and modeling.
  • In plant noise surveys and noise exposure measurements.
  • Environmental noise assessments including ambient, background sound level.
  • Noise impact studies, land use planning.
  • Preparation of acoustical data for inclusion in reports and submissions to regulatory bodies.
  • After construction, acoustical compliance testing, procedures, assessments and reports.

NVC Olsonfab’s resources of design and application engineering, and know-how has over five decades of experience. Together with our experience, computer aids, knowledge of new materials and technologies, and our product evaluations and testing, enables us to meet our clients most demanding acoustical, aerodynamic and structural requirements – with the most technically acceptable and cost effective solutions.

Our product design, engineering, and manufacturing processes are integrated into a company Quality Assurance Program. This combined with our Welder Qualification Program assures quality and conformance at each step and results in products of distinction for the ultimate client appreciation and approval.

Manufacturing schedules are co-ordinated with project management to ensure “Do It Once – Do It Right” efficient, on-time product fabrication.

Our sales representatives in addition to our in house sales support work as a team to provide outstanding technical support and service to industry users, equipment manufacturers, architects, consulting engineers, contractors, and government agencies.

By assembling and / or installing our own products or integrating them with other equipment, we can offer a turnkey solution.

Alternatively, we can also provide:

Full or partial supervision, by a qualified technician, of the installation by others.
Inspection of the completed installation to ensure compliance with the mechanical and acoustic requirements.

Our designs always include design methods optimised for performance, quality, cost and ease of installation, whether or not you take advantage of our Construction / Installation services.