Specializing in noise emission control turnkey solutions from consulting to product manufacturing including many complementary products for our customers around the world.

Graham Higgott

Technical Director & Co-Founder

Experience. Experience. Experience.

Grahams journey in noise and vibration control and acoustics began in England, at a time when calculators were considered high tech and sound level criteria were based on what was reasonable rather than the rule of Law. Completing a six year engineering apprenticeship with a major UK noise control company, and becoming passionate about acoustics and the control of noise, Graham progressed through draughtsman, design engineer to Engineering Manager before moving to Canada in the 70’s to join a major Canadian noise control company.

Working in the UK and later in Canada, opened up many opportunities to work on an enormous variety of noise control applications all over the world, as well as meet and work with many clients extremely talented in their own field. This enabled Graham to not only gain experience in his own field but also gave him empathy for the clients. As the public, manufacturers and government awareness of noise and its detrimental effects increased, so did the requirement for quieter equipment designs and more sophisticated silencing equipment. Graham’s solid foundation of schooling and project experience enabled him to successfully meet these challenges and become a recognised name in his field. In 1998, Michael and Graham put their individual talents together, formed NVC-Olsonfab Ltd. and went about successfully establishing the Company as a leader in the worldwide marketplace.

Michael Ladouceur

Manufacturing Director & Co-Founder

Quality. Consistency. Efficiency. Cost Effective.

Michael is the third generation of family in Business. Some years ago he added one of his passions, Fabrication, to the scope of the Business. It is no mistake that Michael is known for his meticulous ways; no matter what task he takes on whether it’s work related or personal based, he shows great attention to detail and goes out of his way to ensure precision. Michael has a track record of solving manufacturing problems and creating fabrication processes of great ingenuity, thanks to his years’ of experience in welding, installation and rigging. Having started off working in the field himself, he is able to assess a project from not only a technical aspect but from a manufacturing and installation point of view. Throughout production, Michael is constantly analyzing the project from a 360 degree standpoint to foresee any possible problems arising.

When Michael isn’t overseeing the shop, he is spending his time looking for what new equipment he can get his hands on. His love for machinery has served this company well. His extensive knowledge of automated equipment helps to ensures that fabrication is performed by the most cost effective and quality assured method. This serves our clients’ best interests of requiring products that are of superior quality, competitively priced and supplied on time. With decades of experience in the construction industry, Michael continues to help define the vision for NVC Olsonfab’s growth as your leading noise and vibration control specialists.