Case Study
11.4 MW Hybrid CHP Plant Noise Control

Location: Long Island, New York, USA

Application: A grass root facility. Noise control of (2) 5.7 MW gas reciprocating engine-generators, hybrid, high efficiency, cogeneration (CHP) units in which waste exhaust gas is cooled and used in a proprietary process.

The Issues:

Sound Level Criteria: The facility consists of a power house building, process building and storage building, and is located within approx. 65ft (20 m) of residences where a sound level < 50 dBA is required by local codes.

Scope of work: NVC Olsonfab was to determine the powerhouse building ventilation air movement / flow requirements and to design and supply noise control treatments for the multiple, noise sources of the power house building.

The Sources:

Engineered Solutions:

NVC Olsonfab’s high performance rectangular duct silencers with high transmission loss (HTL) shells were incorporated to provide noise control for the power house source noise as well as the ventilation fan noise. Overall noise reduction > 55dBA.

NVC Olsonfab’s high performance, rectangular, industrial, reactive/absorptive elbow silencers with high transmission loss (HTL) shells were incorporated to provide reduction of the combustion air intake noise. Overall noise reduction of > 65 dBA. Also, supplied were NVC-Olsonfab in-line air filter modules to provide filtration of the combustion intake air.

NVC Olsonfab supplied high transmission loss, thermally insulated exhaust piping from turbochargers to 70 ft. (21.3m) high, self-supporting exhaust stacks. A reactive/absorptive silencer was incorporated into the bottom section of the stack with high transmission loss (HTL) shell. Overall noise reduction (insertion loss and transmission loss) of the complete exhaust system was > 55 dBA.