Case Study
Compressor Station Noise Control

Location: South Western Ontario, Canada

Application: Gas storage compressor station. Noise and engine emission reduction from (11) eleven reciprocating engine / compressor / turbo chargers used to inject and withdraw natural gas into storage pools.

The Issues:

The existing exhaust systems and associated turbo chargers are located outside the compressor building. It was determined that the present sound level at the closest receptors exceeded the sound level limit for stationary sources by up to 20 dBA. The sources of this excess were the turbo chargers which are located a considerable height above ground level, and the existing engine exhaust noise entering atmosphere. Also, to meet the emissions contaminant requirement the height of the point of entry to atmosphere needed to be increased to 20-23M (65.6-75.4 ft.) above ground level. 

Most of the units had exhaust silencers fitted. However, some of them needed to be replaced due to deterioration associated with age.

Engineered Solutions:

NVC Olsonfab supplied the following scope of work: