Case Study
Reciprocating Engine Test Cell

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Application: Diesel and gas engine-generator test cell.

Design Parameters

To Test engines with direct drive and remote radiators requiring up to 180,000 cfm. of air movement. Engine-generator power ratings to 2.5 mw.

The radiator fans to be used to provide cooling of the radiator space, and to include a recirculation system for operation with cold atmospheric temperatures. The air pressure in the test cell space to be negative.

The total pressure loss of the ventilation system not to exceed the normal working range of the radiator fans.

The engine exhaust gas system to have a method of connecting to the many different sizes and styles of engine connections.

An external SCR is used, which is to be by passed, as required, to minimize pressure loss in the exhaust gas system.

The design sound level criteria was required to satisfy both in plant and environmental considerations.

Engineered Solutions