Noise Reducing Panels

Noise Reducing Structures, Buildings, Enclosures, Screens and Walls

NVC Olsonfab Quietwall modular, noise reducing panel systems protect workers and the environment from noise produced by manufacturing processes and utilities (electrical, gas, water) generation, transmission and distribution.

Typical Applications in Plant and Environmental

  • For inclusion and exclusion of noise
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Walls, screens and barriers where complete enclosures are not necessary or practical
  • Quiet rooms, offices, control rooms and observation rooms to provide a quiet working environment for personnel.
  • Fire rated storage buildings
  • Electrical buildings
  • Hazardous materials storage buildings
  • Enclosures for:
    • Machinery
    • Diesel and gas engine generator sets
    • Gas turbine generator / compressor sets
    • Compressor
    • Refrigeration units
    • Centrifugal and positive displacement blowers
    • Test Cells

Features & Benefits

  • More than 10 different panel designs, allows the selection of the most cost effective solution
  • Fire rated designs
  • Provides STC rating of STC40 to STC70 for single wall to double wall designs
  • Available compatible acoustic doors and windows
  • Modular designs and custom sizes and shapes
  • Vibration isolated, shock resistant, noise controlled and air quality controlled systems
  • Integrated lighting, ventilation, cooling, heating, fire detection and suppression, and gas detection as required.
  • Materials: Galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanneal steel factory painted.
  • Support structures, platforms, skids, ladders and steps designed and manufactured to code.
  • Designed for fast, easy installation using a minimum of individual components by non specialized personnel.