In House Complementary Products & Services

In House Complementary Products & Services

NVC Olsonfab believes in providing our clients with turnkey solutions. Design – Engineer – Fabricate. Our design team can help visualize a concept and engineer it to specification and code. From there, we bring the design to life with our highly trained, hands-on workers and innovative technology. Our CNC equipment along with our plasma table and 3D laser table expedite the process. Together as a team, we work with you to realize your project vision on budget and on time without sparing any quality. We are proud to service all our clients’ needs here in-house.


Manufacturing Qualifications:

  1. Structural Steel
  2. Process piping, exhaust piping / ducting for air and gas
  3. Exhaust stacks, free standing stacks, structural supported stacks and gang stacks
  4. Ladders, platforms, aviation lights, lightning protection, emission and testing ports, lifting davits, and manways.
  5. Pressure vessels, tanks, fuel tanks and pressure piping
  6. Custom paint and coatings, thermal and acoustic insulating
  7. Electrical and controls, heating/cooling, ventilation, lighting, power, fire detection and suppression.