Double Wall Sub-Base Fuel Tanks

Double Wall Sub-Base Fuel Tanks

Our Power Generation diesel fuel tanks are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and include an internal reinforced baffle structure for Generator and packaged equipment support. They have been tested to withstand load bearing of greater than 100,000 lbs, dependant on size.

Tanks are ULC listed as Secondary Containment generator base tanks. Inner and outer are pressurised at 3-5 psi and leak checked per ULC testing procedures to ensure integrity of welded seams.

Tanks are externally solvent cleaned, primed with Amercoat 370 and top coated with black Amershield for superior UV protection, chip resistance and substrate corrosion protection.


  • Fabricated steel above ground tanks for flammable and combustible liquids. Double wall Generator sub-base fuel Tanks. Standards of Canada CAN/ULC-S601-07 and CAN/ULC-S602 day tank.
  • ULC-S601-07 Listed. Secondary containment (minimum 110%) Generator sub-base tank meet ULC requirements.
  • NFPA 30/37/110 and IFC Compliant. Secondary containment (minimum 110%)
  • TSSA Compliant.
  • Emergency pressure relief vent cap. Size and capacity in accordance with NFPA 30. Meets or exceeds ULC requirements. Insures adequate venting and pressure relief for inner and outer tanks under extreme temperature and emergency conditions.
  • Low fuel level switch. Activates at pre-set percentage of remaining usable fuel.
  • Secondary containment basin switch. Activates when primary containment is breached.
  • Fuel level gauge.
  • Atmospheric vent cap.
  • Raised fuel fill. Includes lockable flip top. Prevents tampering.
  • Generator set weather resistant and noise controlled enclosure compatible.
  • Electrical stub up for cable entry.
  • Lifting brackets. Designed to lift complete packaged Generator set.
  • Clear, trip free tank tops and optional secondary floor.
  • Capacity. Maximum 100,000 litres.
  • Welding. CWB, Steel Division 47.1 certified.
  • Optional Features. Over fill protection, spill fill box, high fuel switches, high fuel alarm panel, fuel gauge with sender, pumps, motors and controls. Etc.